The Rock N Blues Guitar Academy, founded in 2004, utilizes proprietary innovative learning methods ensuring aspiring guitarists learn quickly, while becoming well-rounded in both theory and improvisation.

Founder, Sean Christiansen, has over 25 years experience, has toured nationally with several bands, and is a respected theory expert on Ultimate-Guitar.com, the largest international guitar forum. Utilizing his vast knowledge, Sean has taught hundreds of aspiring guitarists worldwide. He has been featured on NPR (National Public Radio) and honored locally in 2010 as ‘Texan of the Week’ by Texas State Radio Networks.

Based in Victoria, Texas, the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy first inspired hundreds of local South Texans before expanding to its online curriculum, allowing hundreds more students from over 33 countries worldwide to participate in these revolutionary teaching methods.

The mission and focus of the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy is ambitious:

Create self-sufficient guitarists who have a strong foundation in music theory, lead guitar, chord construction, fretboard navigation, and composition AND do so through a learning process that is easier than any other teaching method offered worldwide.

The Rock N Blues Guitar Academy curriculum is the only course of its kind in the world. It integrates lead guitar mastery with practical, easy to understand music theory concepts taught in a relaxed, yet progressive manner.

One commitment the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy has maintained since its inception is its commitment to affordability. The subscription-based system is priced on par with a private guitar instructor, while costing far less than institutions such as Berklee Online Guitar instruction. Enrollment to the Academy is open to all, with a number of flexible financing options available to make the course and its benefits as reasonable as possible to all students sincere about increasing their abilities and practical knowledge.