Absolutely Unsolicited Student Testimonials

UNSOLICITED Testimonial Comments:

“I look upon the Academy the same way a thirsty nomad looks at an Oasis!!  The information download so far has been beyond great and definitely beyond my expectations.  Its amazing to see everything starting to mesh together perfectly and bringing me ever closer to achieving my goals in the process.”

“Your simple yet effective approach to the lessons is making all the difference. For this, I would like to thank you once again.”

“Gotta say this seems to be a much more efficient and manageable way of learning scales than the usual box patterns you would normally learn elsewhere. I’m rather excited to try applying these concepts to my playing.”

“I’m absolutely stunned.  This is the FUTURE of guitar learning!  I mean it, sir.  I believe that you have created the best way EVER for understanding the guitar, and I’ve been playing for almost 29 years!”

“Learned more than I ever knew about playing a guitar in two lessons!”

“I like the simple, straight forward teaching / learning style. You do a good job of explaining in a fun, memorable way.”

“I’m a teacher and I’m always curious on other peoples teaching techniques. I’m always looking for ways to improve my teaching methods. I saw your site and I liked what I read so I figured since it wasn’t hundreds of dollars I’ll check it all out to see if there is any good tips I can pick up.

The first lesson I already picked up something pretty cool. I never really taught just the (content omitted to protect the method) . I always just went strait down the line. I like this quick memory recall method. It seems so obvious now but I never explained that (comment omitted to protect the method). Very cool! I hope I’ll pick up some more good tips like this through the course. Maybe even learn a couple things for myself in the more advanced courses!”

Don Parkhurst Jr – Online Guitar Instructor (www.Rock-lessons.com), and Contributing Writer to Troy Stetina’s Online Digital Guitar Magazine (we don’t mind, we are completely in favor of teachers who learn new things, so that they in turn, can teach others better!) – Name used with Permission

“This system is definitely the easiest and most efficient way to learn the fretboard, it is one of those times where you think “Man, why didn’t I see this before!”

“These last few lessons have been a breakthrough in terms of being able to play in any key, not only vertically but horizontally in any direction at will, and when I use what you teach here I am only limited by my imagination!  It’s awesome!   I have seen nothing but progress since I enrolled here!”

“These lessons have definitely changed the way I look at the neck when it comes to playing. It’s like I finally understand the way it works and I can easily visualize where to go with endless possibilities. It’s satisfying.”

“I see myself improving with every lesson and it makes practice fun. I enjoy the challenge and the discipline involved. I always look forward to the next lesson.”

“The lessons are really helping me to get to where I want to be at as a guitar player. I’m always eager to learn, and your online course is providing me with a lot of material that I never really sat down and focused on.”

“You are hellaciously good at teaching this stuff.  I can’t begin to tell you how quickly I am picking this up and how well absorbed it is”

“I must say I am really enjoying the way that you teach. I am 23 and have been playing off and on since I was 8 years old. I finally decided that I wanted to really know my instrument and I know that I need discipline to do so.”

“I have taken a few lessons with private instructors but I couldn’t really afford what they were asking for hourly prices. When I came across your program and saw everything that it had to offer I was stoked. It has in depth material and requires me to do homework and take tests to pass which I like because it requires me to do the work and understand everything before moving on and possibly getting ahead of myself.”

“I just completed the Notes Module and would like to continue on using your online program. It seems very promising. How could I go about doing that and moving on to Lead Guitar Phase 1? I AM EAGER TO LEARN!! lol”

“I feel like for the first time I have actually learned something about the guitar that will help me to move forward. Before I take the final exam I am going to go back and review all lessons and make sure I have this down without thinking then take the final.  I will be continuing on with you.”

“I really enjoyed the story that was used to create a memory for the  notes. Very clever. This is positively the easiest set up for memorizing the notes on the neck I have ever seen. You have done an excellent job honing these lessons. Your work is greatly appreciated.”

“I spent a lot of years trying to understand this and you’ve shown me more in the short amount of time that I’ve been doing this than in all my many years combined! Where were you years ago? I could have been a pro!”

“This is awesome, I’m learning things I didn’t know!”

“The simplicity of what I am learning and understanding is madness! My Brain hurts, not because of the lessons, but because I can’t figure out how NOBODY else ever came up with this! I love it!”

“The Drills are nice and they Work! I never saw myself as someone that could learn all the notes on the neck, but this course and site stands out, because it actually delivers what it claims. I was skeptical because sites promise you anything to get you to join or sign up. What a pleasant surprise!”

“Man I’m learning a lot, I can’t believe how easy it is!”

“I wrote you before, but I wanted to tell you, this just keeps getting better and better, better than a dream!”

“I passed the last lesson yesterday. I’m practicing all the lessons now and I see a lot of progress. I can already do most notes on the neck in 1-2 sec.”

“I’m ready for the final exam! Your course delivers, sign me up for more. I can’t wait!”

“I’ve been playing guitar for little less then a year now, and I’ve been struggling to find a good way to learn all the notes on the neck, so I decided to give your lessons a chance. The first lesson was pretty easy for me, because I already know most of the notes on the E and A strings, but your approach to this was new to me and I really liked it. By the way, I’m from Holland so my English is not perfect. I hope you are properly able to understand my mails :)”

“Nice, clear and easy! I want more! Learning like this is fun, it doesn’t even feel like work or anything difficult”

“Good lesson I liked this idea! I learned the strings quick using this method.”

“They are getting more challenging, and still loving it! I’m ready to move on. I so love the fact that I can go back and review. You’re a great teacher!”

“Thank you for being so supportive in me learning”

“The classes are fantastic and it is so awesome to work at my own pace. Great job on the site!“

“Done with lesson three and having a blast. Learning some really great stuff and being able to view the video often is a huge plus. Looking forward to lesson four.

Great program, very well taught, I’m surprised, but I haven’t been lost once!”

“Awesome! I really like it and having a great time. The dog was funny – you have a great way of putting things”

“I’ve played and toured around the world, and have celeb guitar friends and even studied with some of the best names in the business, I learned more in these lessons than with any of my good friends.

“I know how to play, but understanding it all and how it fits together, not just learning and copping my buddies like Greg Howe, or Ron Jarzombek or Steve Vai Licks, or whatever, but knowing what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, and creating all these options, especially in the Modes, I’ve already learned more in two lessons with you than I have in all the pro’s I’ve played with and jammed with over the years.”

Clint – Guitarist for the Progressive Metal Band, All Too Human (Name used with permission).

“I am basically done with the notes on the neck and am comfortable with finding them easily now great lessons best approach i seen to teach it and so fast i just been fiddling with playing in key every where on the neck to backing tracks with the pertaining scales trying to improvise a little.”

“The lessons have been great so far! Thanks for not being a scam!”

“No wonder your Academy filled up! If your other courses teach like the Notes on The Neck one, consider me a student for life! I’ve never seen anything like this! I understand completely now why you had to take this online. I am telling everyone I know about this!”

“If you lived in my city, all the guitar teachers would be out of work in a month!”

“I’ll be straight with you, when I heard that what you teach makes books like Fretboard Logic obsolete,  I didn’t believe it.  I do now.  Why isn’t this in print?  You could retire!”

“No way (would I) I share (this) with anyone, you are (a) great secret to (the)  guitar (as)  I learn, sorry” – Student studying in China