Can You Relate to These People?

These are actual quotes, used with permission, from real guitarists who have posted on popular forums looking for help.  This is the reason that we do what it is we do, because we know how difficult it can be for many people to find the answers by themselves and finally put the pieces of guitar and theory together, freeing them to just PLAY.    Do any of their comments resonate with you?

All I’ve done really is learn how to play songs already written, and I’ve learned different styles of songs. So i am reasonable in the techniques field.

However I feel something big is holding me back as a musician, I dont understand the theory.

Ive been studying it for months but i can’t grasp it.

I have always wanted to be able to improvise some awesome solo, or maybe a chord progression, but I don’t understand the theory.

Any help or directions would be appreciated, but dont tell me to buy a book.  Been there, Done that.

There are thousands of guitarists out there that are just not learning through the traditional channels, and they are falling unseen through the cracks every day.

Because we teach students how to solo all over the neck on any strings in any desired direction, this guitarist’s letter really struck a chord with us:

I realized that every time I improvise, my solo sounds very stale and predictable. What can I do to make it sound more creative? I do use different techniques but I find it a lil ‘scaley’. I can’t seem to break the connection between the boxes.

Again and again, we find guitar players like this one below.   Our goal is to reach as many like this person as possible.

So I know what both of them are, but I find identifying/naming the notes in a particular interval or triad… not difficult, but slow. Intervals are easier since they’re just two notes but with triads, it’s a bit more thinking and I can’t name them off as fast as I want to.

Are there any tricks to help with these? Or is it simply just repetition? I was going to memorize all of the scale degrees for all 15 major/minor keys because I feel like that would help (with this and a lot of other things). I want to be able to figure out triads in five seconds max.

Here’s another that really spoke to us:

I need a solid foundation of sorts, so that I can start writing my own stuff within a few years’ time. What should I be learning so I can play, say, Opeth and Between the Buried and Me? I don’t like tabs because they don’t teach me anything and using them is pain in the backside because it’s even more annoying than parroting Biology notes!

I will use them once I know what it is I’m doing. I like to know what’s going on. I have to know how things work. So, what I’m looking for is a tutorial. Any of you could suggest some stuff?

I would like to play metal mostly but I also listen to a fair bit of rock. I am asking this because …just using tutorials here and there won’t be fast enough for my liking and chances are I’ll just put my guitar away and end up lazying about..oh wait, thats happened already. I will put in as much effort as should be and do my very best because becoming an actual musician is something I want to achieve. All I ask for is directions. Please help me out. :]

If that matters, I’ve been playing for a little over a year now.

They want to learn, they just have no idea how to go about it in a way that’s not confusing or that takes forever.

Getting “there” takes an intelligent, applied approach that builds upon a foundation, systematically, on level at a time.   The Rock N Blues Guitar Academy is the only program of it’s kind that can move students through the steps in an easy to understand, progressive way.

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