Q. Why should I try your school?

A. It works. Period. We’ll give you your money back if we’re wrong. (Which we won’t be.)

Q. Why should I try your school over anyone else’s?

A. Besides our money-back guarantee, it’s about results and value. Our method isn’t found anywhere else, and, if
you follow it, you’ll see your abilities flourish.

Q. Do you teach music theory?

A. Yes we do, and learning it will revolutionize your skills.

Q. Cool. But I can’t read music.

A. No worries — you don’t need to. We don’t use standard notation.

Q. Do you use tab? I love tabs!

A. Rarely. We do tab out some examples, but, typically, our method doesn’t need tablature and you won’t either.

Q. How come?

A. Because we build your new skills on a solid foundation. The Notes on the Neck course, for instance, prepares you to find every note on the neck of the guitar in two seconds or less. You’ll learn an actual skill you can immediately use. After you gain this knack, everything else becomes far easier than it would be if you were depending upon tabs. And, anyway, when’s the last time you saw a band rehearse using tab?

Q. What about Improvisation? I want to learn/improve my soloing skills.

A. You will. We geared our Lead Guitar courses toward developing improvisational skills and ideas. Students learn to see the fretboard as a whole, with no gaps in understanding. They find their own musical voice while confidence in their playing grows.

Q. I’ve tried to understand theory and found it boring and confusing. How do you make it interesting?

A. We agree: traditional approaches to teaching theory are boring, dusty, and confusing. Worse, it takes a long time to stick. We’ve changed things up. We eliminated all the boring parts and made the confusing parts easy — so easy that anyone who can count to seven and recite the ABC’s can follow it.

Q. I’ve played for years and know the notes on the neck of the guitar. Why do I need the course?

A. We’d be happy to evaluate your skill set. Just contact us!

Q. I’m just starting out/a new player. Can beginners start with your school?

A. We can instruct anyone, but we don’t teach beginnerlevel material. If you are an interested beginner, contact us. You’ll need supplemental resources to ensure you’re well-rounded in the basics. After that, you’ll be ready for what we teach.

Q. Who is your typical student?

A. Our typical student is:

  • Male
  • Between the ages of 28 and 54
  • Experienced, with an average of 7 years of guitar playing, though many students have more than 15 years experience
  • A competent, functional guitarist who knows many songs in up to three styles, but understands little about why everything works
  • Dissatisfied with the progress made using a variety of commercially published, free, or online books or lessons, these leaving knowledge gaps in many musical areas.

Q. How much does it cost to continue after Notes on the Neck? Is it affordable?

A. We try to make our series of courses affordable while maintaining the highest quality. We can’t quote a specific price since we frequently have specials. In general though, expect to pay less than the cost of a private monthly guitar lesson — and you can take as many lessons as you like!

Q. Can I pick and choose which lessons I want or need?

A. No, because classes are structured so that each builds upon the last. Every course teaches skill sets that make for quicker understanding, with the student able to readily use new ideas.

Q. Do I have to take tests and quizzes in your courses?

A. Yes. Testing helps us know how well you understand the material. It also lets us know if there are any confusing bits that might need fixing on our end. The great news is that we’ve found everyone does just fine as evidenced by their quiz scores and test results!