Common Questions Answered

  • Why are you called the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy?  I don’t Play Rock or Blues!

The Academy has it’s original basis, from a popular Guitar Store in Texas, called Rock N Blues Guitars.  The Lessons program became so renowned and popular that when the owner of the store and creator of the system saw this, he realized that the demand was so great, it was time to develop train and add more Instructors (all Instructors are/were actual Students/Graduates of the Academy) but realized that, rather than offering typical music store lesson fare, the program was much more like a curriculum, than just a set of lessons.   A dedicated teaching  facility building was added, the Instructors were trained and prepared in a process that takes several months, and the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy was born.   Both the Guitar Store and the Academy are still in full-time operation, here in Victoria Texas.

You COULD apply these lessons to the Rock and Blues, but they are equally suited for Metal, Jazz, Popular music, Country, and so on.  The application of knowledge is not limited by musical Genre.

  • How do you teach online?  What is the process?

We are very excited about the Online Lessons Format.  Each lesson has a Coaching session, and some overview information, followed by a streaming Hi Definition video presentation of the subject.  We support that with lecture notes and diagrams, illustrations, (download-able also as PDF’s )   It “feels” like an actual one-on-one lesson, instead of a lecture aimed at an audience.  This personal, one-on-one approach makes it more comfortable and relaxed, for the Online Student.  We supplement these presentations with coordinated “drills”, Homework and Tests at the end of a section.

Our approach to helping the student learn the material, is akin  to a College-level extension course. with snstructor interaction, tests and homework,  that you can take online, via and not so much, your typical  Guitar Lessons “site”.  We are a bit different.

  • What ages do you teach?

In our academy, they have ranged from age 8 to 78.  Age isnt so much a factor. However, what we teach is best suited for a student that has already some knowledge and familiarity with the guitar.  Therefore, we have established a suggested “list” of skills and abilities that we feel are desirable for someone considering enrolling online.  Click here to view it.

  • What makes your course different from other courses out there?

We have a very specific, tested, one of a kind method that teaches in detail the concepts of guitar AND theory.  We know of no other course, book or approach in the world that has taken these concepts (which can seem very complex on the outside), and presents them in an easy to follow, format, without having to “water things down”.  We have taught hundreds of students, to find total freedom on the guitar and helped develop a solid understanding of music and applied theory.  One of our favorite sayings around the Academy, is “you’re not just a guitar player, you’re also a knowledgeable musician” . There are steps that we feel every musician should take in order to become a more knowedgable musician and to understand and apply principles music theory on the guitar.

If you are looking for such a system, with  personalized instruction that will get you through those steps, in a relatively short amount of time, but where you can use this information every day as a guitar player, that is what this site is about.  We are a student-tested and proven one-of-a-kind in-the-world approach, geared towards the person who already has some experience on the guitar and is ready to take their knowledge and skills to the next level.

To better understand this, check out our Course Outline of the different Modules.

  • You mention “self-sufficiency” a lot, is this just a tagline or what?  What do you mean by that?

It’s not a tag-line, it’s not marketing, its our goal and passion.  Simply put, you will possess the skills and knowledge needed to proceed forward in almost any direction as a continuing guitarist.  If you are a writer, you will have a solid set of tools to help you write better/compose and or experiment in your chosen direction.  You will not be limited because you dont know theory, or because you are unable to figure out how to apply it.

This course can help you unlock your individual creativity, and intelligently play the guitar without being lost, or stumped when it comes to music theory and how it all works on the guitar.  The content is very substantial, and in depth, and students progress very quickly and are able to grasp concepts and applications that were once impossibly out of reach.

If you want to further your studies with a certain genre, you will have a solid understanding of the principles and prerequisites of music theory to make your entrance that much easier, thereby assuring you greater progress in your chosen direction.

  • Can you explain more?  What will the student walk out with?  This is interesting…

It IS Interesting and exciting.  Its hard to condense it all, because something will inevitably be left out, so the best way is to take a look at the course description, and learning outcomes. If you have any other questions about the course, let us know!  We are here to help you make an informed decision!

  • Do you have actual student references attesting to your program and material?

Absolutely.   We have permission to provide emails and addresses of Current and Graduate students of the Guitar Academy upon request, and you can ask them anything you like.

  • Why do you charge more than other guitar websites offering lessons?

In our experience, there aren’t many Guitar Teaching sites that focus and excel in the specific areas that we teach.  In our experience, most instructors and sites out there are not teaching anything particularly NEW.  We don’t want to be taken the wrong way on that, there are many very good and capable teachers, teaching out there the best way they know how to.  So we don’t mean to suggest anything negative about other courses and or lessons. What makes them successful, may be, that they just have a better teaching approach to the same material that you can find in a book somewhere.  But, in terms of teaching content, there may not be much that is new or unique.

But we aren’t like those courses at all, it’s not even close to comparing apples to apples.

Ours is different.  In spite of the many great guitar teacher personality types out there, we honestly don’t believe that you will won’t learn the concepts taught inside faster or easier, anywhere else in the world.  Our material and curriculum is original, and it works  The amazing success stories locally, inspired us to bring this course online, so that guitarists around the world now have the same opportunities to learn as our local students do.

Also, many times, our physical enrollment is at capacity so this is a provision also for local guitarists who still want to realize the benefits of our program.  This website was born out of necessity.  There are just too many people out there that want to study with us, and this is one way we can accommodate some of  them.

Our content and the way it is taught, can save one years of self-study and confusion, and considering what the student actually learns, we feel that it is very reasonable in cost, and our priority is to make it accessible for all who are serious about learning.   There are several different Tuition Plans available so that almost anyone can enroll and benefit from the Academy Program, even on a budget.

  • Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

We understand that if you aren’t learning you won’t proceed.  If you complete the Notes on The Neck Module, which is what we feel every student should start out on, and feel that you do not want to proceed further, and that you didn’t realize the benefits of our guitar instruction online, you may ask for a refund of all monies paid.  100% of the price paid, will be refunded to you.  We  believe that once you see how easy it is and how it has helped you, that you will want to continue signing up for more courses.  Many players don’t have access to a local guitar instructor, and if that is the case, taking Online lessons through our Academy can really prove to be a useful alternative.