Ongoing Support Explained

“It’s starting to sound like this is the kind of thing I need, but just one question.  What if I enroll, and I have a question or  problem with the study material?”

Support is a big part of what we do.  There are a few provisions:

  • First off,  You can email the support staff.
  • Second, the Module has a built in Response Area.  We will answer that, and keep an archive of past Questions/Answers.
  • Third if your question requires a more in depth look, we may post a Video Answer, so that not only you but future Classmates can benefit from the explanation.

You will find, that despite the depth and fullness of the material, the presentation is made very laid back, relaxed and easy to understand, as well as fun.

Yes, we are more a School than a Guitar Lessons site, in that we have Homework and Testing and a set path for Students (Curriculum and Syllabus).  Yes we take the business of teaching and learning very seriously and in-depth,  BUT we also understand that we don’t have to make it stilted and stuffy, and that there’s nothing wrong with learning while having fun!