Modes Module – Lead Guitar Phase 2

Note – the Reviews and the Exam in this course are included in the lesson preceding it.  If you’ve paid for the final Lecture before a test,  the review and exam following it are included at no extra charge.

Many lecture video times can range for about 15-25 mins per section.  Due to the focus of the material, there are very few places where topics are  just “brushed upon” or given a brief overview.  Each topic is tackled in depth.  In addition, there are “Drills” and Homework assignments for each lecture.

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Lecture 1 – What are the Modes? Understanding the differences from Pentatonics and Phase 1 shapes.   Common misconceptions about Modes.

Lecture 2 – Dorian Relative and Parallel approaches to the Modes.  Function VS Form, Introduction to Dorian

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