Lead Guitar Phase One Module

Note – the Reviews and the Exams in the course are included in the lesson preceding it.  For example, if you’ve paid for Lecture 9,  the review and exam following it are included at no extra charge.  The same goes for Lecture 17.

Many lecture video times can range for about 15-25 mins per section.  Due to the focus of the material, there are very few places where topics are  just “brushed upon” or given a brief overview.  Each topic is tackled in depth.  In addition, there are “Drills” and Homework assignments for many lectures.

Note also that this Module is  not required for theory understanding, but it is a provision for those who want to exercise total command over their lead playing and options in any key on any string, and able to confidently play in 4 dimensions at any place on the guitar, creating an endless chain of approach and departure points, limited only by the dimensions of the neck itself.

No Boxes, No CAGED system, only a proprietary method that we believe achieves total fluidity, freedom and independence on the fretboard.

Lecture 1 – Principles of Position Playing,  Fingering and starting a scale off on any Note any String.  Shape One overview

Lecture 2 –  Shape Two and Integration with Linear Playing

Lecture 3  – Completion of Lead shapes Three through Five

Lecture 4  – Five Shape Integration, Improvisational Principles and Application.  Permutation Approaches to Lead Playing Part One

Lecture 5 – Five Shape Integration Part Two,  Application Exercises –  Jam Tracks Lab One

Lecture 6  – Warp Principle and Shape Integration

Lecture 7 –  Fretboard Navigation Principles, Vertical Approach,  RnB Navigation Matrix Part 1

Lecture 8 –  Fretboard Navigation Principles,  Vertical Approach, RnB Navigation Matrix Part 2

Lecture 9 – Four Dimensional Playing Theory and Principles

Overview, and Review for Exam One

Exam One

Lecture 10 – Major and Minor Key Approaches

Lecture 11 –  How to Apply the Phase One Approach where there are Unknown Variables, (such as unidentified Keys, or Chords) in a given situation.

Lecture 12  – Application Exercises –  Jam Tracks Lab Two,  Rock N Blues Improvisation Matrix

Lecture 13 – Hybrid Shapes Part One

Lecture 14 – Hybrid Shapes Part Two

Lecture 15 –  Starting on any Shape on any string in any Key  Part 1,  Introduction to the  RnB  Interval Approach Matrix

Lecture 16 – Starting on any Shape on any string in any Key Part 2

Lecture 17 –  Integration of all approaches  Jam Tracks Lab Three

Overview, and Review for Exam Two

Exam Two

Lecture 18 – Blues shapes – 4 Dimensional playng,  b5 principles

Lecture 19 – Blues shapes Part 2 – Continuation of 4 Dimensional Playing – Articulation Strategies

Lecture 20 –  Quasi Country Blues Approach – Jam Tracks Lab Four

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