Major Scale Overview

Do any of these describe you?

  • – You know that the Major Scale is important and can even play it, but are not sure why or how its so important besides playing leads melodies with
  • – You wish you know the notes in any Major scale so that you could use them, in furthering your understanding of music theory
  • – You understand there’s a relationship between scales and chords, but you haven’t quite put it all together yet and you’d like to learn how.  You’ve seen that you have this W W H W W W H….etc formula to apply, but doing so seems to take a while  and you’d like something easier and faster, and less abstract.
  • – The prospect of being able to name and write out every major scale and get all the notes correct, even without use of an instrument seems daunting.

Here’s the question:

If you identified with any of the above descriptions:

Can you instantly write out the letters of any Major Scale correctly?


Can you apply this information to determining any Chords that are found in a given Major scale?

If you answered yes to both, then congratulations. Many students of theory have managed to learn some way to do this.  But to be able to do so is very important, because the Major Scale is the root-system by which we understand all of music in music theory.  Everything traces back to some form or function to the Major Scale.  If you want to understand and apply music theory, scales and triads, you have to know how to stack it all together, and knowing and being able to write the major scale allows you to do that.  Once you can do that you can unlock the mysteries of  “What Key”.  In short knowing and being able to write out any major scale is a CORE SKILL towards understanding and applying Music Theory.

If you answered no to any of the above two questions, AND have successfully completed the Notes on the Neck Module, and Triads. You will be able to correctly Call Out, Write Out and Diagram any Major Scale, at the conclusion of this brief, but very important course.

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