Major Scales Module

Note – the Reviews and the Exam in this course are included in the lesson preceding it.  If you’ve paid for Lecture 3,  the review and exam following it are included at no extra charge.

Many lecture video times can range for about 15-25 mins per section.  Due to the focus of the material, there are very few places where topics are  just “brushed upon” or given a brief overview.  Each topic is tackled in depth.  In addition, there are “Drills” and Homework assignments for each lecture.

This Module does NOT teach you how to play the Major Scale on the Guitar, however you will still be able to do so in any way you like because of knowing the Notes on the Neck.  This is more Theory Intensive in that we will be doing more writing and examining things than playing.   Major scale and Minor scale Mastery is covered in depth in the Modes Module, since they are, themselves, part of the scales which make up the Modes.

Lecture 1 –  Prerequisite understanding for  Major Scales in any Key.  The Essentials –  Guide to  determining and recognizing the intervals correctly.

Lecture 2 –  Putting it all together and adding sharp and and flat keys.  Major Scale applications

Lecture 3  –  Relating the Major Scale to Keys  –  Quick clues to identify Key,   Thinking away from Major scales, and more towards the different relationships to them.

Lecture 4 – Review and Exam

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