Notes on The Neck Overview

Do any of these describe you?

  • – You know the notes on the neck, because you know how the guitar is tuned, and the musical alphabet. It requires that you refer to the open strings as a starting point, and then counting your way through the musical alphabet till you reach the desired position on that string.
  • – You don’t know the notes on the neck, but you know a lot of them, and you fill in the gaps, when needed.
  • – You know most of the 5th and string positions and you use the “octave” shape for the others when needed, and a double octave at other times.
  • – You don’t know the notes on the neck at all

Here’s the question:

If you identified with any of the above descriptions:

Can you play any note on any fret and on any string of the guitar and identify it within 2 seconds?


Can you name any letter note on any string at random and find it within 2 seconds?

If you answered yes to both, then congratulations. Because, 19-20 players cannot, regardless of their playing history.

If you answered no to any of the above, consider enrolling in the Notes on the Neck Module. You will be able to Play and Say, and Sight and Play, any note on the guitar fretboard, at the conclusion of the course.

This is important, because mastery of that skill enables you to apply scale and chord theory instantly to the guitar. The chief cause of someone’s inability to apply theory to the guitar, is they have poor knowledge of the guitar.

We believe that it is essential for every Student to have mastery of the Notes on the Neck, and this module was designed to get players to that stage of understanding the guitar.  We are offering our Notes Module with a Money Back Guarantee, for a limited time, for $30.00.  This equates to $5.00 per lesson (6 lessons + test).