Notes On The Neck Module

Here is a sneak peek at the Notes on the Neck Lesson Series.  At the conclusion of this series, you will have been taught to quickly use and apply the  following essential skills, needed for understanding the guitar and applied music theory as it relates to the instrument:

  • Look at any note on the neck and quickly identify it by sight.
  • Choose any note on any string (for example, if  you needed to find the E on the 2nd string) and be able to quickly visually locate, go to, and play that note.
  • Learned the above skills for multiple notes on consecutive strings, essential for triad practice and finding constructing your own chords without assistance, (for example, if you needed to find a Cmaj7 chord, where the known notes were C E G and B)

This Promo Offer gives you 6 Lessons which when completed, will meet the above learning outcomes. This offer, means that you paying  $5.00 for each lesson in this Module!

Notes on the Neck 1 –  Anchor Notes, (or How Not to Sink)

Notes on the Neck  2 – How I Lost My Leg to a Rottweiler!

Notes on the Neck 3 – Help! My Instructor’s Chasing me with a Knife!

Notes on the Neck 4 –  Did you remember to bring your CD?

Notes on the Neck 5 – Tic Tac Toe!

Notes on the Neck 6 –  Upstairs Downstairs,  Look Ma No Hands!

Notes on the Neck –  Review and Test

For those who want to Test Out of Notes – You may do so prior to registering, by leaving your comments, or contacting us here.