Triads Overview

Do any of these describe you?

  • – You know lots of chords but you can’t instantly say what notes make up that chord
  • – You use a chord book, or the internet many times to find out how to go about figuring out a new chord.
  • – You have heard about triads, but can’t see the big deal about them, or havent gotten around to learning them.
  • – The prospect of being able to name and play any triad anywhere on the neck and have the notes correct, seems like it would take ages!

Here’s the question:

If you identified with any of the above descriptions:

Can you instantly call out the three letters that make up any triad?


Can you find and play any triad, including inversions on the neck within 8 seconds?

If you answered yes to both, then congratulations. Because, until I started teaching it, I never met anyone that could – these skills were reserved only for the highest echelon of guitar players.

Triad theory IS important, because all chords, no matter how strange, have their origin in 4 types of triads.  All our understanding is derived from these 4 triads.    Major chords and minor chords, for example, ARE triads.  Now, this course can give you lifelong mastery in triads and chords, and as a guitar player who also knows the notes on the neck, and triads and chords, you can apply that in a number of ways:

  • Playing through the changes (Jazz Approach to playing notes using chord tones, as each chord changes in a progression)
  • Arpeggios, including sweep
  • Tapping – Multi fingered, two handed
  • Composition and Harmony
  • Analyzing a melody or scale or song
  • It is an essential Pre-Requisite for understanding our Modal Modules, and Advanced Scales/Composition

Have we convinced you that mastery of Triads, coupled with Notes on the Neck, is a good skill?

If you answered no to any of the above two questions, AND have successfully completed the Notes on the Neck Module. You will be able to Play and Say, and Sight and Play, Call Out, Write Out and Diagram any triad, and apply it on the guitar fretboard, at the successful conclusion of this course.

We believe that it is essential for every Student to have mastery of the Notes on the Neck, before signing up for the Triad Course.  Our Notes  module was designed to get players to that stage of understanding the guitar.  We are offering our Notes Module with a Money Back Guarantee, for a limited time, for $30.00.  This equates to $5.00 per lesson (6 lessons + test).

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