About Us

The Rock N Blues Guitar Academy is a brick and mortar Guitar Academy founded in 2004, is located in Victoria, Texas. Through the Academy, hundreds of South Texas’ aspiring guitarists, have grown exponentially, becoming self-sufficient guitarists, well rounded in theory and improvisation.

Rock N Blues Guitar Academy - Circa 2006

Rock N Blues Guitar Academy

Specializing in the easy assimilation and integration of both lead guitar, and practical, easy to grasp music theory, the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy is the only course of its kind in the world.

The course features a one of a kind Rock N Blues Music Curriculum that integrates Lead Guitar mastery with practical, easy to understand music theory concepts taught in a relaxed, yet progressive manner.

One commitment of the Rock N Blues Academy has maintained is its commitment to affordability. Priced significantly lower than schools like Berklee, the RnB Academy averages about what a months worth of lessons through a private guitar instructor might cost.

In a few short years, the Academy grew to where they had reached out to 200+ students, all via word of mouth and reputation in the area. Despite adding a 7 room teaching facility, enrollment at the Academy soon reached physical limits.


Each Stocking Represents one of our students in our first year of the opening of the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy.

It is now possible for students online from across the world to enjoy the same level of quality guitar instruction, as those here in South Texas, via a subscription based system priced on par with a private guitar instructor, while costing far less than institutions such as Berklee Online Guitar instruction.

The launch of the Rock N Blues Academy Online took place in the last quarter of 2009. In 2010, Enrollment grew to include students representing over 20 countries, and the Founder was featured on National and State wide radio, Newspapers, and was honored as a “Texan of the Week” in which a statewide radio salute was aired.

As 2015 approaches, the number of enrollments continues to rise, and the instructors are optimistic and encouraged at the results we are seeing. Developments is already underway for 3 new courses to be announced later this year.

Enrollment to the Academy is open to all with a number of flexible financing options, to make the course and its benefits as reasonable as possible to all students sincere about increasing their abilities and practical knowledge.

About Our Founder, Sean Christiansen


>Has Played Guitar since 1986
>Has Taught more than one thousand students
>Played and toured in several bands from California to Texas
>Honored as Texan of the Week by Texas State Radio Networks (2010)
>Featured on NPR (National Public Radio) speaking of the success of his program

>Mentor/Teacher to hundreds of aspiring guitarists throughout the world.
>Respected theory expert on the largest Guitar forum in the World (Ultimate-Guitar.com)

>Owner of multiple business’ including a popular local guitar shop/community, where he’s affectionately known as the “Guitar Guru” and “Guitar Guy”.