Rock N Blues Academy Founder wins “Texan of the Week” award.

Sean Christiansen, founder of the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy, has recently been named Texan of The Week, by Texas State Radio Networks, for his successful teaching program, helping guitarists both in Texas over the  last decade, and now in 14 countries around the world, via the Guitar School website.  The statewide salute went out 3 times a day for the entire week on over 100 radio stations within the Texas State Radio Network.

“It was a complete surprise”, Christiansen said.  “When I was asked to interview a few weeks back, I was told at the time, that it would be a feature that would air about the impact of or program on guitarists, and that it would be airing for one day.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Texan of the Week recognition, and certainly never expected anyone to see me as being deserving of it.” Read more »

On Musical Crutches


A Crutch is something you use when you cannot do it yourself.

Notable crutches are:

The Fretlight Guitar

Guitar Pro, which lets you type the notes of a chord in and names it for you Read more »

An Interview with the Founder of Rock N Blues Guitar Academy

Disclaimer. This is a long interview. Only read it if you’d like to know more about Sean, as his answers tend to be on the detailed and introspective side of things. Sean is a thoughtful, deep thinking and very opinionated man who is truly passionate about what he does. This series of Interviews was conducted to give visitors more insight into the man behind the method.

So Sean here we are, how did all this get started?

Yep, here we are (looks around) I never saw any of this coming. Read more »

Think the “Blue” Note is all there is to playing Blues Lead Guitar?

Before I discovered the system of understanding the guitar, not only in music theory, but in a practical way to apply it to the guitar, I learned from the box scales how to solo. Then came my first blues scale, you know the one that we all learn, starting at the 5th position and involving the flat 5 or “Blues note”! I recall thinking to myself, “Man if I could just learn to play some mean blues I’ll be set”.

A great many years went by and I discovered Read more »

Quick and Easy Theory Lesson – Playing with 9ths

Article By Sean Christiansen – Founder of the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy

Easy Theory for Guitar Applications – Playing with Ninth Intervals

When most guitarists solo they start on the root, or the same note as the Key the song is in. It’s a nice compact way of looking at things, and starting your guitar solo. But after a while, we can begin to dumb down sonically, from always beginning on the same note.

Today I want to share a very easy idea to open up your ears a little bit, using theory, but in a way that isn’t boring or complicated. Starting your lead playing on the 9th interval. Read more »

Absolutely Unsolicited Student Testimonials

UNSOLICITED Testimonial Comments:

“I look upon the Academy the same way a thirsty nomad looks at an Oasis!!  The information download so far has been beyond great and definitely beyond my expectations.  Its amazing to see everything starting to mesh together perfectly and bringing me ever closer to achieving my goals in the process.”

“Your simple yet effective approach to the lessons is making all the difference. For this, I would like to thank you once again.” Read more »