Breaking News! RnB Academy Teams up With GST Pro!

Rock N Blues Guitar Academy is pleased to announce their partnership with GST (Guitar Speed Technologies) to bring GST’s acclaimed Guitar Speed Trainer Software to their students.  This partnership with GST will put the Trainer in use in their Academy as well as their online Academy website at

“We are happy to have made this partnership with the folks behind GST.  We have long felt that our teaching program was one of the best out there, so we are excited to feature, and incorporate into our local  program,  as well as our Online Academy, what we feel is one of the best software options out there for gaining proficiency on the guitar”, said Sean Christiansen, owner and founder of the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy.

“It feels like a natural fit, and we are always actively on the look out to find more ways to add value and improve/enhance the learning experience for our student population, both in-person and online.  We have already begun creating customized exercises congruent with the different program phases here and will be releasing them as a practice suite to existing students.  The initial response to this new development has been largely positive to say the least”, he said.

“While we are already using it at the school with our local student population, the date we will be rolling it out online through our Academy website, has yet to be announced.”  he added, “But we are sure we will be updating folks soon.”

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  1. Sterling Lynch says:

    cant wait to get to use this it looks so awesome :)