Breaking News! RnB Academy Teams Up with NeckDiagrams of the UK!

Rock N Blues Guitar Academy is pleased to announce their partnership with Justin Dolezy, Founder of Neck Diagrams, located in the UK, to bring their acclaimed Neck Diagrams Program to their Academy students. This partnership with Neck Diagrams will greatly expand the functional use of the program, already in use in their Academy, in the area of Lesson Development, as well as their online Academy website at

“Justin has made what we consider to be the best program of it’s type anywhere out there, and it is a great honor to be working with him to expand the functional reach of his great program within the Academy as well as making it more accessible to our students, while enhancing our delivery system of testing and challenges online. This program will take our ability to teach students to the next level, and we believe that the students will see an immediate impact and use the program not only for their Academy purposes, but for their personal use as well.”, said Sean Christiansen, owner and founder of the Rock N Blues Guitar Academy.

“Neck Diagram’s commitment to helping our students discover the benefits and value added features of this program is clear and encouraging. We have already been using it when developing all the diagram needs for the Academy, from chords to illustrating intervals, scales and concepts”, he said.

“We are very excited about this partnership and are confident that it will allow us to do our teaching jobs better as well as create a value-added feature for our students.” he added, “This is one great program!”

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  1. Sterling Lynch says:

    Gratz on this NeckDiagrams of the UK! looks sweet